dga custom publishing is the award-winning team of content and design artist. We are inquisitive, listen, do our homework and figure out what’s best for you. We look for the amazing stuff that creates engaging connections between your brand and your audiences.

DGA has been leading the way in custom publishing of print, online and mobile publications for over two decades, companies from the arts to entertainment, fashion to finance, healthcare to custom houses, aerospace to petting zoos and evrything in between... we offer our vast services and experince in design, content development, production, management to marketing and press tours...
With over 25 years of experience with an award-winning creative team, DGA develops integrated marketing solutions that help companies communicate brand value, deepen customer loyalty and increase revenue.
Our Services Include:

• Media Relations and Press Releases
• Crisis Media Management and Consulting

• Communications Strategy
• Media Research and Coordination

• Media relations / placement
• Digital / social media strategy and execution

• Press Kits and Collaterial
• Photo Opportunities

Specialty Services:
• Print Media

Sierra Arts Foundation — "6ish" Concerts & Cocktails Series...
Jill Berryman

Sierra Arts Foundation

Thank you for capturing our best...!

Hosting Your Annual Gala... How About An Art's Foundation's Concerts Series... With the proper prearation, opportunity equals success... Being able to coordinate, schedule, and direct a "photo op" that will deliver the correct message is key. With DGA's contacts, experience and acumen, we can bring it all together for your next big event.

• Online Publishing

"YTT" — Yesterday. Today. Tommorow Fundraising Campaign..."
Steve Matles

Elder, Hebrew Cemetery Reno

"I know you 'll be back — Good Luck!"

We have had a good many formal and informal interviews with companies, and know what to prepare you for... With on camera preparation, we will be able to coach and direct you to be able to converse with an interviewer about your company, event or service, in a coherant and concise manner. Remember, you are the voice of a company. You’ve got to prepare for that opportunity.

• Digital Mobile

eCommerce, Social Media and Flash Promo's... "developing all our online needs"

generating a subculture for the eccentric

"Rock The Scantily Clad"

Launching A New Clothing Line Was Not An Easy Task But GDA Made It Simple... Assisting with our Annual Gala... DGA developed the proper online presence, where opportunity equaled success... DGA was able to coordinate, schedule, and direct a social media campain that helped us present our curlture and the correct message. With DGA's abilities, we had an overwheling turnout for our annual valentine's fashion show.

• OFFsEt Publishing

"New Day - Brave Any Adventure Campaign..."
Kim Erickson

CEO Greatland Laser

"This captures the 'new' brand"

You have such a knack for taking mundane information and branding it with our look. This has been such a learning experience for me as I watch all these cool documents unfold! Thank you for all the professional design and advice. The best move I made as the new CEO was hiring the David George Agency...