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if you would like to be part of the eco paw community and help to spread the message,
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Simple Idea

...we are simply looking to bring awareness

With a multitude of good and worthy causes both with regards to eco awareness, as well as animal shelters and the like, what Eco Paw looks to do is to broaden awareness and perspectives to some of our, and their efforts and causes, and too encourage you to participate and support those of your choosing.

And if there are others you are interested in suppoortng, please reach out to them directly with your charitable time and/or donations, for it is our responsibilities as a community to support and protect our planet for not only ourselves, but for our furry friends and family along the way...


For whose world we need to protect as well.

A Mindset, A Way Of Life, Call It What You May...
I call it simply being a good steward of the environment, the wildlife, and the animals we call family and friend.

Eco Paw Coloring Page

Attached is a downloadable coloring page with a positive message for your kids to color and share with their friends.

In conjunction with "...of kid's and kites", a children's movement centered around assisting children with basic needs, as well as helping them to open and expand their minds to other environments...Eco Paw has joined the movement.

If you would like to find out more about "...of Kids and Kites" and their efforts, please visit them @:

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